The History of A.C. DePuydt, Inc.


In 1952, "Duke" DePuydt opened a small hydraulic seal house on 

East 14th Street, just south of the heart of downtown Los Angeles.  For years the company provided area business with seals and packing for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.  As industry in Los Angeles grew, so did Duke's small business.



In the late 60's the company changed ownership, with George "Mac" MacInerny taking control of the small seal house.  The company continued to prosper,  and soon it was clear that the East 14th Street location was becoming too small to hold the expanding business.  

In 1975, Mac decided to move his operations to a warehouse on East Washington Boulevard in the city of Commerce.



                            Then                        and                          Now


Business continued to grow, and A.C. DePuydt became a well known industry name.  Word of mouth was good to DePuydt.  New customers found that they could get just what they needed, quickly and affordably, from a company with excellent customer service and a knowledgeable staff.  They also knew that they could always count on getting hard to find items and custom parts.  

That was Mac's specialty.

Mac passed away in 1990, and it was only a matter of time until 

the business changed ownership again.  

A long time associate of Mac's, Douglas Held would become the next owner of the seal house with everything.  Doug was a corporate certified public accountant, who had been involved with A.C. DePuydt since 1970.

He knew the books, and his son Robert Gallwey, knew how to run the operations.  In 1991, A.C. DePuydt, Inc. opened its doors under its new management.

Darren Held, Doug's younger son, came on in 1994.  His first duty was to  help usher in the computer era to A.C. DePuydt.  This was just the first step towards a never ending commitment to using technology.  

As the end of the 90's approached, it was evident that the expanding inventory was beginning to stretch the limits of the warehouse on Washington Blvd.  Because it was our mission to be the seal house with everything, it was decided that moving to a larger warehouse was the only solution.  Our next move would only take us two blocks from our old location, to a 10,000 square foot warehouse at 5843 Sheila Street.



Today we're as committed to our mission as Duke was in 1952.  We're working to increase the level of customer satisfaction with improved service, striving to offer customers the lowest prices in the industry, and stocking as many different styles and sizes of seals and packing as our warehouse will hold, in a continuing effort to be the seal house with everything!   




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